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Will David Cameron "speak for England" ... or is he just another appeaser?
External Author on 04/11/09


The Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) is calling on David Cameron to “speak for England” tomorrow when he announces the Conservative Party’s response to the EU-wide ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

CIB spokesman Andy Smith said that the Conservative Party Leader has a choice between “doing the right thing” – honouring his own pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – and falling into line with Gordon Brown’s policy of surrendering to Europe.

CIB spokesman Andy Smith said:
“David Cameron is about to make the most important choice of his political career. He can choose to honour his pledge to give the people of Britain a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty or he can capitulate to Brussels just as Gordon Brown has done.

“Brown liked to portray himself as a British patriot and a Eurosceptic but ultimately he sold out to the EU. Many of us had higher hopes of David Cameron. Two years ago he gave an unequivocal commitment that a Conservative government would hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. He rightly condemned the Labour government for its failure to let the British people vote on the issue.

“This pledge was unconditional. If David Cameron backtracks on that commitment tomorrow, he will prove that there is no difference between the Conservatives and Labour on the single most important political issue facing this country: the survival of Britain as an independent nation.”

The Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) is a cross-party group dedicated to defending national sovereignty and democracy. Its members include distinguished Parliamentarians such as former Conservative MPs Sir Teddy Taylor and Sir Richard Body, Independent Labour peer Lord Stoddart and UKIP peer Lord Pearson.

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