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General Election 2017: Wakefield voters divided

Could people in Wakefield - once regarded as Labour heartland - really vote another way?

UKIP burka ban: Muslim veil women 'easy scapegoats'

Sahar Al-Faifi says it is a "false narrative" to suggest wearing a face veil is a security risk.

General election: Labour backs Trident renewal, Nia Griffith says

Shadow defence secretary says Labour backs Trident despite Jeremy Corbyn saying he would never use it.

General Election 2017: Call to treble defence spending

Writer Andrew Sabisky calls for the UK to treble its defence spending.

Women's rights v men's rights?

MP for Shipley Philip Davies and Women's Equality Party leader Sophie Walker debate the issue of men's and women's rights.

Labour wants 'credible' nuclear capability

Labour's campaign coordinator says his party is committed to a credible nuclear capability

How much does a general election cost the parties?

Adam Fleming looks back on what the last General Election campaign cost.

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