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For a political party to take its environmental obligations seriously, it must address the root cause of day-to-day environmental change.

Problems due to the rapid increase in population

Veritas recognises the link between an increasing population and the subsequent effects on our environment. A rising population can only result in a greater demand on limited resources. If we are to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations, we must determine what constitutes a sustainable population for our country.

Carbon Emissions and Climate Change

The old parties have placed great faith in international agreements such as the Kyoto Treaty. Veritas does not believe that an agreement which allows countries to sell their pollution quota to other countries was a serious attempt at reducing emissions. The driving force behind Kyoto was the contentious link between carbon emissions and climate change.

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that climate change is anthropogenic. There are some that dispute  this but the evidence they present has so far been less than robust. Regardless of this differing opinion, common sense dictates that potentially harmful emissions must be reduced regardless. This can be achieved through education and technology.

Working with industry, we will embark on a structured program of emission reduction that takes into consideration the needs of the British economy and not the artificial, drawn-out time scale of an international treaty.

Recycling and waste management

Veritas believes the best way of dealing with waste is to support all practical methods for its disposal. It is not sensible to set artificial targets and than expect industry and local councils to comply with irrespective of local factors and cost. There is little point in recycling simply to meet government-set targets. It must be efficient and effective. We have also to consider the impact that our policy of simply dumping our waste onto other countries to pollute their environments and exploit their poverty is having; this is simply unethical and needs to be addressed. To help achieve this, Veritas will promote packaging that is designed for the environment – not packaging designed for the rubbish tip.
Investing in clean and re-newal energy

Demand for energy will continue to rise in the 21st century. With an increase in demand comes the threat of further damage to the environment. We believe that maximum utilisation and long-term investment in the cleanest and most reliable energy source is the most effective way of providing clean energy.

Nuclear is currently the only form of non-renewable energy that does not churn out harmful carbon dioxide and is able to meet the demands of our economy and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Veritas believes that other highly potential sources of energy should be given full government support in order to increase usage and promote continued development.
Protection of the countryside

If we are to protect our countryside we must utilise land which has already been subjected to development before considering unspoilt countryside or farmland. Decision making will be returned to fully accountable Local Authorities and those affected by any decision will have a right of appeal equal to that of developers. We will carefully consider the merits of a separate Environmental Court to deal with complex environmental arguments.


If anyone has any comments or is interested in assisting us in this hugely important area, please contact the Director of Policy and Strategy at We look forward to hearing from you.

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