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Both the Labour Party and the Conservatives Party have let us down when it comes to fair and controlled immigration. Ed Miliband has admitted that they “got it wrong” when they were in power and David Cameron has had to acknowledge that he has failed in his promise to keep net migration to below 10,000. It is now 54,000 higher than when they made their pledge in 2010. The figures for the 12 months to September 2014 show that immigration rose from 530,000 the previous year to 624,000, while emigration remained stable at 327,000. This is not sustainable as it places too much strain on our public services, hospitals, infrastructure, housing, schools and the environment. It also affects community cohesion and many cities and towns across the UK have become divided and segregated as a result.

Veritas has always stood for controlled and fair immigration which places emphasis on jobs for British nationals taking priority over foreign workers. We recognise the huge debt and value that is owed to migrant workers without whom our NHS and other public services would be in deeper crisis. However, immigration has to be based on a point based system such as that practiced in Canada and Australia and we welcome anyone who shares our values and is committed to the betterment of our society.

If we remain a part of the EU we cannot control our borders and most of our politicians lack the moral courage to tell the truth on this issue. As such we propose withdrawal from the EU whilst maintaining strong economic and business links with our European partners. Norway has established a successful economy whilst not being a member of the EU and Britain can do the same.

However, we propose to:
> Control our borders by having checks on people entering and leaving the UK
>Ensure fair but swift deportation of those found to have committed criminal offences having abused our hospitality. We will never deport anyone if they would be in danger of torture or persecution in their place of origin
> Encourage skilled migration that is necessary for the advancement of innnovation, science, technology and economic advancement.
> Enforce the law against those criminal gangs who exploit migrant workers and keep people in servitude and reduce the wages of hard working families
> End the practice of agencies which only recruit foreign workers
> Cap child benefit to one child for foreign workers with families outside of UK and based within the EU
> End the unfair benefit system which places foreign workers before British nationals
> End the millions of pounds wasted on providing English translators – migrants must have some basic understanding of English in order to benefit from the opportunities that Britain offers
> We believe it is our moral duty to provide a safe haven for those who are fleeing the threat of death and persecution in their own country- even if that is only temporary - and will always seek to deal with people with fariness and compassion. It is a stain on the soul of our country that we have done nothing to help those fleeing the horrors in Syria and Lybia and we promise to make this issue a priority. We have to recognise that these conflicts are partly due to our disastrous foreign policies in the region, and we should therefore, acknowledge that we owe these people our generosity of spirit as we have done in the past.

In more detail:

Veritas believes that it is the sovereign right of all nations that they have absolute control of their own borders, and that each nation state must have the right to determine its own policies without interference from others.

This is the only way we can be certain of protecting our values, traditions and cultural heritage which have been the foundation of this great nation. It is the only way we can protect the rights and overall well-being of our citizens.

As such immigration has to be properly managed, and above all it has to be fundamentally fair, not only to those seeking to live here, but also to the people who have already made it their home. Our first duty must be to the people of this country whose families have worked hard through the generations, who through their dedication, loyalty and sacrifice, have made this country great, and to those who have fought and died – and continue to do so - to protect it.

The issue of immigration has been – until Veritas – an area of taboo by all mainstream parties; they have betrayed us not only through their cowardice to address this issue but by allowing immigration to spiral out of control. By pursuing virtual open-door policies, they have - over many decades - allowed this to have a detrimental impact, not only on our values and culture, but on our environment, our transport, our National Health Service, our schools, our jobs, our pay; and by this approach, have ultimately threatened our social harmony and our national security.

That is not to say, that we do not recognise and appreciate the contribution made by migrants from all backgrounds to the well-being of our country. However, we would be failing in our duty not to recognise that virtual uncontrolled immigration has placed a huge strain on many areas of our society – and will continue to do so in the future, if we do not have the courage now to do something about it.

We promise to reverse this trend and put the well-being of our country and its people central to our firm-but-fair and compassionate stance on immigration.

Veritas, in the first instance, proposes to set up a Royal Commission to look into the issue of immigration and its effect on our economy, environment and cultural heritage. This will inevitably mean making hard decisions – and in the short-term - may mean a suspension of permanent visas in, a tightening-up of existing entry requirements, and a cap on those seeking temporary visitor status.

However, taking control of our own borders can only be achieved – despite what other parties may say - if we regain our sovereign right to govern ourselves, and this means withdrawing from the Federal State of Europe– the European Union.

You can be assured that Veritas will put the interests of the people of this country first. Only by being strong ourselves can we hope to help others who are not as fortunate as us.


If anyone has any comments or is interested in assisting us in this hugely important area, please contact the Director of Policy and Strategy at We look forward to hearing from you.

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